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Insurance: What's Not to Love!

Automotive insurance often evokes a diverse range of emotions depending on the individual. Some people don’t mind insurance as they value the peace of mind that insurance offers and they are willing to pay a premium for it. Others feel insurance is an unfortunate necessity of life, that consistently attacks their checking account. Regardless of one’s personal feelings towards automotive insurance it is require by law for any individual who wishes to operate an automotive vehicle. This article will briefly discuss the importance insurance plays in today society as well as another type of insurance known as SR 22 insurance.

You Only Want Insurance When There's A Problem

Automotive insurance along with numerous other types of insurance is sustained by propagating emotional decisions from customers. Since insurance only becomes tangible when disaster strikes, it’s a natural progression for insurance companies to leverage the human emotions that accompany these situations. It is not uncommon for an insurance company to depict commercials featuring an accident in which the individual is injured and the vehicle is totaled. Then in an almost angelic fashion the insurance company swoops in and provides both emotional and financial support. The underlying message in these commercials is side with us we will take care of you like family if something terrible happens. Unfortunately the facade of trust and genuine compassion is just that and individuals must be aware of the details illustrated within their insurance plan. Fortunately for customers insurance companies do provide an important service in certain circumstances.

Despite the fact that there are many individuals who pay their insurance premiums and rarely see any service in return, there are cases which illustrate the inherent value of insurance. Situations where an individual is hit by a drunk driver or someone texting and not paying attention, insurance can prove invaluable as the insurance company will reimburse the victim for damages that would most likely be unaccounted for if insurance was not mandatory. For the individuals who cause these accidents they will be receive increased insurance premiums as well as potential legal action in which they can lose their license.

Do You Know About SR22 Insurance?

Individuals who lose their license as a result of traffic violations are faced with more than just increased insurance premiums when the return behind the wheel. In many states there is a separate insurance process that must be completed before their insurance will be re-instated. In many states including Illinois this is known as SR22 insurance. Illinois SR22 insurance is less a type of insurance and more a process that individuals must go through. Typically there is documentation that must be filled out and submitted to the state. Once the documentation is reviewed it will be returned to the insurance agency and provided all is approved the drivers insurance will be reinstated.

Insurance Provides Continuity

While the current insurance system is far from perfect, it provides comfort and security for numerous individuals. It has the potential to cover exorbitant costs that result from negligence and bad decisions. Quality insurance is worth every penny when you need it, and it plays a vital role in society - continuity!

+Glen Weltz writes on the topics of Finance and Property. He has particular knowledge of Insurance law (e.g. Illinois SR22 Insurance).

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