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Getting Your Mobile Phone Covered

The importance of mobile phone insurance cannot be denied. Every year hundreds upon thousands of mobile phones are lost, stolen or damaged, and as technology becomes more and more essential to our everyday lives, we need to make sure that we are covered for all these areas. We all know how expensive these phones are to replace, and a great number of us just don’t have that kind of cash at our disposal. It’s a far better idea to get mobile phone insurance the moment we purchase a phone and have the peace of mind that brings. Below are a few things to consider when you’re thinking about mobile phone insurance:

Types of Cover

Depending on the type of phone you have and the cash at your disposal, you can take a look at various types of insurance cover and choose which one is best for your phone. The types of cover sometimes come in stages, e.g. Silver, Gold and then Platinum that will go up in price and will be paid monthly over the course of a year. The cheaper insurance deals will likely only cover you for accidental damage or theft, whereas the higher end cover will include losing your phone and if your phone stops working in general on top of damage and theft. It is definitely worth considering the higher end insurance options if your budget allows it.

Compare Deals

There are literally hundreds of companies offering mobile phone insurance, and some will offer better deals than others. Take a good look around online and in stores, and try to find price and deal comparison articles or websites. These are great as they do the hard work for you in showing who offers the best deal, including who will offer you an instant phone replacement, which could be very important if you are using your phone for business and will need a new phone ASAP.

Things to do for free

Having insurance is great, but there are plenty of things that you can do for free that will help make your phone a lot more secure. As expensive as your phone is, your personal details and information is far more valuable, so make sure you having passwords and security settings in place to protect your phone even further. Also make a point of backing up your phones information and apps on your home computer by linking them up on a regular basis and syncing them. Details on how to do this will be in the manual to your phone.

Daley works alongside Mobile Insurance and has had first-hand experience of the expense caused through not having appropriate insurance for your mobile phone.

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