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Common DIY Jobs That You Should Always Have Home Insurance for

Although we might like to think that we’re as good with our DIY as we our editing our Facebook profiles, the sad truth is that for the majority of us, doing it yourself just isn’t our specialty.

Despite this, you shouldn’t be put off from having a go at some basic DIY tasks yourself, as it can be far less expensive to get the tools and materials yourself and have a go at it than paying for a professional to do it for you. Additionally, you might learn a new skill in the meantime. The crucial thing is, you should always make sure you have a good house insurance policy like the ones offered by UK Insurance Net just so that if something does go wrong, you know you’ll be able to claim for it. Here are three projects that you definitely need home insurance for.

Fixing the Leaking Tap

You might think that fixing a leaking tap is as trivial as it gets, but sadly, there are many ways that this straightforward task can become a challenge. For example, if you forget to turn off the water using the lever under the sink, you could be in for quite a flood. If it’s a small leak in your plumbing, it’s more than likely caused by a rusty washer, buy a replacement from your local hardware retailer and then replace the old leaking one.

Stopping the Squeaking Floorboards

A Squeaking floorboard is a relatively straightforward problem to fix in your home – simply find the offending board, light it up and find where it isn’t attached correctly to the strut underneath the board, and then screw it in tightly. Of course, while you’re lifting the board up you might find that you exert a little bit too much pressure and crack it. Problems such as these are available if you know what you’re doing, but insurance could be useful here.

Draining That Blocked Drain

Finally, another water-based problem: the blocked Drain. Whether you’ve poured too much solid food down your sink, or you’ve allowed too much fat to go down the drain and solidify, a blocked drain can be a real problem. A good plunge will generally do the job, but if you start putting things down your drain to try and unblock it, you could cause a crack or worse.

Ultimately, even small jobs around the home can turn into real issues if you don’t really know what you’re doing, so take the time to take out home insurance, and save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

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