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Travel Insurance for a Round-The-World Trip

Travel insurance can be a very wise investment before you leave on any trip. However, it can be particularly vital before you start a major, multi-month, round-the-world tour. Securing the proper travel insurance for this type of trip includes several unique considerations that you should keep in mind. Getting them taken care of in advance, however, can make it much easier for you to relax and enjoy your trip instead of worrying about possible mishaps.

# 1: Make Sure Your Policy Will Cover Any Side Activities During Your Trip

If you are like many people, you might find yourself trying out a few more adventurous activities during your round-the-world tour, such as skydiving or bungee jumping. These adrenaline junkie favorites can be tons of fun, but make sure that the insurance policy you choose covers them.

# 2: Set Up a Policy That Covers Personal Liability

It is possible that you could be responsible for some type of accident while on any trip, but the odds go up on a major world tour. Make sure before you leave that your travel insurance policy protects you from being sued.

# 3: Choose a Policy That Will Not Expire During Your Trip

Travel insurance policies are available to cover trips of virtually any length. Do not assume, however, that every policy will cover you for the entirety of a multi-month expedition. Before you sign any agreements to take out a policy, make sure that it lists in writing that it will cover you for the full range of dates that you will be traveling around the world.

# 4: Determine How Your Policy Handles Terrorist Attacks, Acts of God, etc.

Some mishaps are inevitable during any trip, especially a major round-the-world trip; that is the point of purchasing travel insurance in the first place. However, you should make sure that you fully understand any and all exceptions listed on the policy. Some policies may limit their coverage in the case of certain unforeseeable events, such as terrorist attacks and the like. Make sure that the policy you choose is sufficiently thorough to meet your needs.

# 5: Check How Long the Policy Will Continue After You Arrive Back Home

Depending on how long you are away on your world tour and exactly what type of policy you choose, you may or may not have any continuing protection after you arrive back in your home country. You may wish to choose a policy that will continue to protect you for a week or two after your trip ends, especially if you need that time to settle back in, reactivate other policies and accounts and the like.

Guest post by Kalen Smith. Kalen is a freelance travel writer who covers all travel insurance related issues. Click here to find more about travel insurance for a round the world trip.

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