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Stopping Car Theft in the Summer

Summer's just around the corner, everyone wants to take advantage of it. What’s, of course, an exception a few of those states that have summer all year round. You're lucky.

 Well one thing's for sure we want you to have fun and enjoy your summer, do you have time to travel? Well if you do make sure all your belongings are safe, secure, and protected. Oh that too, your car as well purchase car insurance before you hit the road. Did you know the rate of theft drastically increases as soon as summer rolls around? Well with the rate it's going we definitely want you to know what steps you should take to make sure your car isn't stolen this summer. 

Across the United States, there have been a number of rising car thefts. Based on the statistics that have been collected by the National Insurance Crime Bureau the average amount of thefts that happened throughout the months of June to August have been significantly higher than the number of thefts that happened annually in the years of 2011 and 2017. You're looking at just under 2300 stolen cars a day during the span of those summer months, crazy if you think about it. 

There are many factors that can be considered when reasoning about why the rate of stolen vehicles has increased. With the increase in vehicles on the road, each year called, it does make sense that the number of stolen vehicles would increase year-over-year as well. And with the advancement of technology for things such as push-to-start vehicles, it makes it easier for a vehicle to be stolen especially if someone is forgetful and leaves their key in the car. At that point it's just foot on the brake, push to start and you're off.

Preventing vehicle theft isn't something we can control, but we do have the ability to do what we can to reduce the probability of it happening. And if you own a vehicle here are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen. 

  1. Knowing where your keys are

Your vehicle is not stolen one of the first things you should do whether or not you left the spare key in the vehicle. In most cases people leave a spare key in the vehicle just in case they forget their keys at home or lost it somewhere, this way they can just get home easy. But most of the times because people think this is a safe alternative, the thieves actually use this as leverage to take the vehicle. It's always being careful and have both keys on you at all times or leave one at home.

  1. Secure it

Securing your vehicle is one way to prevent someone from taking the risk of breaking in. Make sure you have all the windows locked, also lock the vehicle to make sure that no one can get it. In most cases, this seems like a no-brainer, but there are many situations where one decides that they should just leave the windows cracked or leave the top down on their convertible. It's more common than you think. On the other hand makes sure that when you're parking your vehicle, your parking in places where it's well-lit, and have access to Security Cameras. The reason for this can actually deter people from coming to steal from your vehicle or actually still your vehicle as a whole.

  1. Don't leave your car running

 This is a common wait for your vehicle to get stolen especially in the wintertime. You got up for work you don't want to sit in a cold car so when you get up you go outside to start the car so it warms up. You leave it running on the driveway, and then somebody quickly jumps in and drives off. Remember not only do you leaving your vehicle to inviting someone to take it, but it's also illegal in many states to leave your vehicle running unattended.

  1. Kill switch

 You just go on Amazon or your local automotive store you'd be able to buy a kill switch for under $20. Basically what this does for your vehicle is it leaves it unusable unless you do a sequence of buttons or precious secret button to immobilizer vehicle for it to get started. It's basically like being the modern-day James Bond, and if that's not attractive enough I don't know what else to say.

  1. Tracking devices

 Suppose your vehicle has actually been stolen, one way to get it back quickly is reporting it to the police and also having a tracking device. If you have a tracking device and a thief doesn't know about it you'll be able to figure out where your car is exactly and have it returned to you safely and fairly quickly.

  1. Alarms

 Most modern-day Vehicles actually come with alarms, but older vehicles don't. So if you are a driver of an older vehicle we recommend that you take the time to actually install an alarm system into your vehicle so if it were to ever be broken into or the doors have been forced open, the alarm will go off. This is a quick and easy way scare off Steve's, and also reduced the chances of it happening again.

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