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Repeat warnings for latest insurance scam

Criminals are always looking for a clever way to make a fast buck, and motor-insurance is targeted frequently. Many of us are not aware of the prevalence of such scams by fraudulent gangs. A shocking example of this is the recent scandal involving a bus, set up by organised criminals whereby 26 of the passengers went on to make fake claims complaining of whiplash.

Flash for cash

The latest scam to hit the headlines has been termed the ‘flash for cash’ scam. It derives from the ‘crash for cash’ scam. It involves an oncoming car flashing you to let you out at a junction, then the car proceeds to drive into you, denying they flashed you initially. This is upsetting and costly for the targeted party, as there is no way of proving otherwise.

Not only is this scam bumping up the cost of the average motorists’ policy considerably, but it is also leaving people lacking in confidence and worrying about genuine intentions and courtesy of road users.

Fake injury claim

Fake injury claims have been used in accidents for some time. People have been known to be seemingly unaffected by the crash at first, but as soon as the police arrive they begin to feign an injury. Things like whiplash are hard to prove and so this can be frustrating for those involved. Some people even invent other passengers’ presence in the car in the aftermath, when they have mulled over how much they could make claiming for extra injuries.

Crash for cash

This scam has been around for some time. It involves the car ahead of you on the road suddenly slamming on their breaks so you crash into the back of them. They then deny all knowledge of this, stating you were in the wrong. The passenger can even invent mystery injuries to ham up the claim – such as squeezing insurers for extra money due to cover time taken off work in relation to the accident.

Protect yourself

Whether you use your car for the school run, or you run a fleet of cars for your business, make sure you organise robust insurance that will keep you covered for all eventualities. Look to a company like Insure Fleet who can offer a range of options for your business.

All of these scams are not only taking their toll on police time, drivers’ emotional wellbeing and confidence behind the wheel, but also it is having a costly effect on insurance premiums, increasing them significantly. So beware and keep safe on the roads.

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