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Our Top Five Picks for Best Car Insurance Companies in UAE For Expats and Travelers

Car insurance is one of the most important and the most beneficial things one can opt for. Yet there are people out there who do not consider it a necessity and they take this for granted until their car falls victim to an accident. It is obvious that the concept of “buying insurance” is something only those people can understand with long-term thinking abilities. These people like planning their lives and they are always prepared for the future which is something everyone should do.

Speaking of which, today we are here to talk about car insurance and the best car insurance providers in UAE. This article is especially for those who are expats or travellers because UAE is now a hub of economic growth and tourism. We cannot stress enough on the importance of getting your car insured because as said earlier, a wise man would not think twice before buying a policy to secure his car. Accidents and damages are inevitable, especially when it comes to vehicles so taking a timely measure is undeniably important for everyone who owns a car.

Now, if you search the internet for the best car insurance companies in UAE, you will probably get hundreds of companies on your screen. You cannot sit and start comparing each company because it will take you days. However, after reading this article you will not have to worry about anything because today, we have compiled some of the best car insurance companies for you.

1. Insurance House

If you want a car insurance company that check marks all the boxes, then you need to try Insurance House. The reason why you should consider this company is that it allows its customers to shape and change their insurance policies just the way they want to. This also helps them buy a policy that is within their budget. There are plenty of options offered by Insurance House. Whether you want a fresh new insurance for your vehicle or want to upgrade the one you already have, Insurance House will cover it all for you.

2. Oman Insurance Company

It is been more than 30 years that the Oman insurance company is providing people car insurance in UAE. Whether it is a commercial vehicle or a private one, Oman Insurance company will cover them both. This company will provide you third party liability insurance and even the comprehensive one, just the way you want. It is not just car insurance but this company also offers life insurance and other different forms that are important for you.

3. Noor Takaful

Chances are that you have already heard about the Noor Takaful car insurance policies and how amazing this company and its offers are. Well, if you have heard something good, you have heard it right because Noor Takaful is undeniably one of the most renowned car insurance companies in the UAE. What people love about this company is the fact that it offers its clients 24/7 assistance, agency repairs, passengers cover and no claim discounts too. If you choose the comprehensive coverage by Noor Takaful, you will be entitled to AED 2,000,000 repairs for at least 3 years. In short, it is a great company that you must consider if you are looking for something that is worth your time.

4. Axa Car Insurance

Axa Car Insurance provides both, third party and comprehensive insurance for vehicles. It is one of the most reputable companies in UAE just like Noor Takaful and without any doubt, it holds the top rank globally. If you avail the insurance online, you get a total of 10% discount which is quite a lot if you think about. This company offers some of the best services like it even gives its clients the service of pick and drop to repair centres. As a traveller or an expat, you should try Axa Car Insurance because they even offer theft, fire, and insurance on personal belongings when you are traveling.

5. AMAN Insurance

If you are specifically looking for an insurance company that provides insurance keeping the Islamic policies in view, then Aman insurance is what you need to opt for. All the insurances provided by this company are in accordance with the Sharjah guidelines and the sharia law. It is not just car insurance, in fact, this company even provides other insurances like fire insurance, Banca takaful insurance and home finance family takaful insurance.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best picks that we have for you today. All these insurance companies are completely reliable and authentic which is why you should give them a try. As far as the policies and packages are concerned, well, we have specifically compiled those companies for you that offer the most affordable car insurance policies. In case you want some more help, you can ask insurance experts at PitStopArabia to guide you through. Although it entered into the car insurance market just now, it is quickly making a name for itself.

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