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Discover All You Need To Know About DUI Bail Bonds With Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

A car accident is an unfortunate and unplanned incident that may happen for a couple of reasons, including driving under the influence of hard drugs or alcohol. In situations where a person is driving under the influence, he or she becomes answerable to the law. The law court can charge the driver for subjecting himself or herself as well as other people to harm. This is referred to as a DUI charge. Depending on the statutory law of the state of residence and the driver’s past records, a DUI charge can be a serious offense. Nevertheless, a DUI offender, just like every other defendant, is given a chance to get bail. There are some peculiarities of DUI bailbonds, so it is important for a person who is charged as a DUI offender to learn all the necessary information so as not to get into further trouble with the law.

What To Keep In Mind About DUI Bail Bonds?

Once you find yourself in a predicament caused by DUI, there are quite a few major points about it to keep in mind.  In order not to get caught by not knowing some basic information and to ensure yourself with a high level of awareness, read each point thoroughly and make sure to follow them.

Cost of Bail

Due to the distinction in the municipal law regulating the activities of the residents of each state, things like the amount of bail for an offender can differ from state to state. A DUI offender may be required to pay a lower bail amount if he or she is a first-time offender. In instances where the car accident had resulted in the death of another person, bail may be set at a higher amount. Basically, the amount that an offender will be asked to pay for bail is dependent on many factors; hence it is important that the offender finds out the amount before proceeding. Most times, the bail amount is set at the bail hearing, that is, the defense attorney and prosecuting attorney presents facts about the accident and the offender that will influence the judge’s decision.

Bail Bond Agent Options for The State of Residence

Once a DUI offender has been given a bail amount, he or she is usually sent a list of bail bond firm options from his insurance company or attorney. After critical analysis of the bail bond firms using criteria like the payment plan, licensing, the state in which they function, reviews from past clients, as well as the approval from the law community, a defendant can go ahead and engage a firm of choice to help carry out the process.

Bail Posting

Upon knowing the bail amount, a person proceeds to post bail. This simply means making payment of the required amount to the court. The court will refund the money if the offender shows up to all court hearings until the case closes. The process is quite straightforward, so an offender or even his family member can post bail to facilitate the release from the custody. If the offender can’t afford the bail amount, he can then look through his options of bail bond firms and decide which works best for him. Some bail bond firms are better well equipped in posting a DUI bail, so ideally, the offender will choose from them.

Requirements Upon Being Granted Bail

A DUI may be charged as a demeanor or a felony depending on the many factors which will also influence the bail bond. While the DUI offender has been released and awaiting trial, there are a set of regulations that he or she is expected to follow. He or she might have to take random drug tests or even lose the license to drive for a number of months. It is important to note that a person will have to pay for any of the drug or alcohol tests that he or she has to go for a pending trial. Nevertheless, all these differ from state to state.

Terms and Conditions of the Bail Bond

If a person decides to post his bail using the services of a bail bond firm, it is vital to check through the terms of the bail bonds thoroughly. The bail bond usually would contain the payment rate, plan, and every other important information. An offender should always make sure that the bond is in full compliance with the state’s standard so as not to get into further trouble. Also, he or she should ensure that the bail bond rate to be paid to the firm is at a reasonable amount.

Wrapping Up

Even after getting well-acquainted with all of this necessary information, it is best to engage a really good professional bail bond firm to help process everything regarding obtaining bail. Such a bail bond company will not only help post bail but will also facilitate strict adherence to the conditions that may have been set by the court of law. For more information you may check out: https://www.connecticut-bailbonds.com/dui-bail-bonds-ct/

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