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5 UTV Insurance Shopping Tips

UTV stands for ‘utility task vehicle’ – they are sometime known as “side-by-sides” for their off-road, four-wheel drive capabilities. Basically, if you want to get a tough job done, your UTV will usually do the trick. And just like on-road vehicles UTV vehicles need insurance too. Not only do you want to protect and cover your own injuries in case of a collision or accident, but you also want to cover your UTV from major damage. However, it helps to know where to look when it comes to UTV insurance policies. The last thing you want is to be paying too much money for your UTV insurance – but you also don’t want to be in the position where you don’t have the proper coverage. Here are five UTV insurance shopping tips.

  1. Make sure that you get the adequate coverage policy for your intended use. For instance, if you use your UTV for work or some other utilitarian purpose, you want to make sure that you get an occupational insurance policy. If you are using your UTV for recreational, off-roading purposes, you want to get a policy that is specific to recreational use.
  2. Shop around. Just like you looked through a UTV guide to find your side-by-side, you also want to look through a similar guide to find the perfect insurance policy. Shopping around will allow you to not only get the best deal, but also the best coverage policy. Many people make the cardinal mistake of going with the first company that gives them a quote. This is a mistake for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that there is probably a better deal out there, especially if you use initial quotes as leverage. Insurance companies love beating out the competition.
  3. Take UTV safety courses. Knowing how to operate a UTV safely is critical. Not only do you want to protect yourself and increase the mechanical lifespan of your side-by-side – you also want to protect yourself. Moreover, taking safety courses will limit your risk for collision and injury. Lowering your risk will effectively lower your insurance rates. So, make sure to find out where you can take a UTV safety course. By presenting your certificate of completion to your insurance company, you may be able to get a much lower premium.
  4. Group your insurance policy with your car or home insurance. Oftentimes, by grouping insurance policies, you can get a much better deal on your monthly rate. Many insurance companies offer bundled rates for a discount. Basically, if you are sticking with your insurance company, you will be rewarded for your loyalty, so make sure to ask your insurance representative what they offer.
  5. Raise your deductible. One of the surefire ways to lower the cost of your policy is to raise your deductible. Basically, your deductible is how much you would be willing to pay out-of-pocket in the instance of a collision or injury. If your out-of-pocket contribution is higher, your insurance rates will be lower – it is as simple as that.
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