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5 Tips for Finding a Reputable Insurance Agent

If you own a house or car, if you need some health insurance or if you run a business, these are all good reasons why you should have an insurance agent so that you can get the kind of coverage that you need. The thing is, just because there are a lot of insurance companies around, that doesn’t automatically mean that you should go with the first one that you see listed in the Yellow Pages or on the internet (under your city and state). There are actually a few things that you should stop to consider before committing to one in particular.

If you would like some tips on how you can find a reputable insurance agent, we have five failsafe ones for you below:

Start with a referral. A huge benefit that comes with relying on a referral is that when a family member, friend or co-worker makes a recommendation, you are getting insights from someone that you can trust. So, before striking out on your own, make it a point to ask a few people you know who they use and why.

Do research on more than one company. Even if you do get a couple of good referrals, it’s still a good idea to compare the information that you received with some of your own research. Websites such as USInsurance.com, Net Quote and 4 Free Quotes will all provide assistance by getting you some quotes based on where you live and the kind of coverage that you need.

Speak with several companies. Once you are better able to narrow down the companies that have the kind of policies that you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to make a point to speak with between 3-5 different companies. There are a few reasons why this is a good idea. One is that you have to remember that insurance agents are still salespeople and so you want to make sure that you’re not just getting a good sales pitch from them. Two, one of the things that you’re looking for is how to get the best deal possible and the most effective way to do that is to speak with one more than insurance company. And finally, we all have different kinds of personalities and communication styles that we prefer. By exposing yourself to several individuals, you’ll be better equipped to decide which agent you’ll feel the most comfortable with.

Meet them in person. Although companies do a lot to insure that their online reputation management is intact, there’s still nothing like meeting someone in person. Once you’ve found one or two agents that you seem to mesh well with over the phone, schedule a time when you can meet them in person. Be sure to pay attention to how they greet you, if they can readily answer all of your questions and if they make you feel like a valued individual even before you make a final decision.

Don’t sign anything right away. Once you come to the end of the meeting, it’s usually then that they will present you with a proposal. However, it’s a good idea to not sign anything right away. Take it home, mull it over and do a bit more online price and policy comparisons. After you are sure that they are the best company for you, then you are ready to commit to their company.

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