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5 Car Insurance Coverage Tips for Teen Drivers

Passing your driver’s license test is one of the most exciting, liberating feelings in the world! While there is much to celebrate, you must understand that with this ability to drive also comes a lot more responsibility. All drivers need to be properly insured whenever getting behind the wheel of a car. In order to protect yourself, here are 5 car insurance coverage tips for teen drivers.

  1. One of your best resources as a teen looking for auto insurance, is the Internet. Take the time to do your research online and comparison shop. Often you will be able to estimate your rates with a variety of companies or even compare prices on one individual website so you can see you options side by side. This is a great first step so that you can become acquainted with the process and so that you understand what a reasonable insurance rate would be for you as a teen driver.
  2. See if your parents or family members can add you to their car insurance. Often the cost is much cheaper if your parents add you to a pre-existing insurance plan. Often businesses will give steep discounts. They do this because they know most young people will stay with and continue to use the same insurance provider throughout adulthood, so they are investing if you as a long-time customer.
  3. Choose your first car wisely. It is important that you buy a standard vehicle that is safe and in quality condition. While it may cost a bit more, it will save you money on your insurance costs in the long run because the vehicle will be much more reliable. Also, avoid extremely expensive, high valued cars because the insurance companies know in the case of an accident they will have to pay you more money for repairs, so they will in turn increase insurance rates accordingly. Find something in the middle that is safe, reliable, but not over the top.
  4. If you and your parents feel comfortable about your driving skills and abilities, you may consider increasing your deductible, For example, if you increase a $500 deductible to $1000, your monthly costs will go down. Just know that this number means the insurance will not kick in unless the damages of an accident are over $1000 in repairs, so you will be responsible for paying the fee out of pocket in the case of an accident.
  5. Take a Driver’s Education course. Not only are these courses extremely helpful and informative, but also they can cut your insurance fees significantly. Insurance companies like to see that you are taking the initiative to become a safer driver. In these courses you will learn to be a defensive driver and you will also learn about road safety. You can usually sign up to take these classes at your local high school or community center.

Insurance from a Russ Levinton State Farm Insurance Agent or another company can be affordable for teen drivers if you plan ahead, do your research and make smart choices. Always compare insurance rates online, try to add your name to your parents’ current insurance, buy a safe but simple vehicle, increase your deductible if you feel comfortable, and take a driver’s education class. All of these choices will ensure that you are able to reduce how expensive your insurance costs each month so you can drive legally and safely and enjoy that new driver’s license!

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