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5 Benefits of Roadside Assistance Coverage

Owning a car is a big investment as well as a large responsibility. In order to protect your vehicle, yourself and any passengers, roadside assistance coverage is often a great option. Here are 5 benefits of roadside assistance coverage and how this service can help you continue driving with peace of mind.

  1. First, roadside assistance is often available for a reasonable rate and therefore has good value. For six months of coverage, you could find coverage in a range of price ranges, beginning as low as $15. This pays for itself even if you just call for assistance once. You will be able to save on high price towing services and auto repairs because you chose to plan ahead and cover yourself.
  2. Roadside assistance will provide you with towing services should your car breakdown or be unmovable. They can help jumpstart a car if it has died, or help you get your car somewhere where professionals can help. They will be able to tow your car anywhere within a 15-mile radius so that you can get to a gas station repair shop, or even home, depending on how far you are. In addition, if you are in an isolated area, the service will tow you more than 15 miles if needed to make sure you can get tot the nearest auto shop for necessary repairs.
  3. Don’t know how to change a flat tire? No problem. Call roadside assistance and they will send a professional to your location. This person will change the tire and put on a spare while you wait instead of you having to fend for yourself. This can save you lots of stress, difficulty, and time.
  4. Roadside assistance will also be able to provide you with locksmith service. This is important if your keys have been stolen, lost, or even locked in the car by accident. The locksmith will be able to unlock your vehicle to retrieve keys, or they can make you a new one. You will simply be responsible for paying the new keys.
  5. Finally, this service can also help you in a situation where you need emergency fuel or fluid. You may run out of gas and be far away from the next gas station. When help comes, you will simply have to pay for the cost of the gasoline, nothing more. This is also the case if your car overheats and needs fluids to get started again.

Roadside assistance is a wise investment that can protect you from being stranded or helpless in an unforeseeable car situation. Without roadside assistance, you may have to pay extremely high fees to hire someone to tow your car, or help you change a flat tire. Having roadside assistance will pay off even if you just use it once, and provide drivers with the comfort of knowing that they will have help ASAP should they need it in an emergency situation.

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