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5 Benefits of Buying Insurance for Your Smartphone

Chances are you’re already familiar with most of the reasons you would purchase insurance policies. Have a family you want to protect in case you aren’t around to see to it in person? Buy term life insurance and you can rest easy that they will be taken care of in the worst case scenario. Interested in protecting your major investments? There’s car insurance, homeowner’s and renter’s insurance to make sure your possessions will be replaced in any circumstance, no matter how unforeseen. Health and dental insurance keep you in tip top shape, and step in to lend a helping hand if an emergency was to occur. But have you ever considered insurance for your smartphone? That pocket-sized device may look simple, but it’s a highly advanced computer with an equally heavy price tag. Insuring it, just as you would the other important things in your life, is more than worth your time. Here are five of the benefits of buying insurance for your smartphone.

First of all, most cell phone carriers will walk you through as many questions as you could think of once you have insurance. A busy phone salesperson will help to a certain extent, but the professionals in the repair department are the ones who truly know your smartphone inside and out. If you’ve got any questions or concerns that aren’t easily solvable, they’ll take the time to work them out with you, as long as you have insurance.

Smartphone insurance will also serve you well if your phone is ever stolen. People wait in line for hours to get the latest iPhone or Samsung device. And that’s nothing compared to the months sometimes spent on waiting lists. It’s no surprise that smartphones are some of the personal items most frequently stolen these days. If your phone is ever to walk away without you, that insurance policy will see you receive an identical device without having to pony up another $600.

As is the case with medical insurance, smartphone insurance will be your best friend if any harm ever comes to your device. The case you put it in will only get you so far. Smartphones fall into water, drop on the concrete and get run over by your car, and that’s just the beginning of what could happen. You carry it everywhere, which greatly increases the chance of a problem. You won’t ever have to worry about these issues once you’re protected by insurance.

Your insurance plan will also help when it comes to data retrieval. If your device is broken, the price of replacing it is often a secondary concern to the texts, photos, and contacts you are losing. The service department will have a great chance of saving that information, even pulling it off of damaged internal hard drives. This will cost you big bucks if you don’t have insurance.

Finally, most insurance plans will help you avoid inconvenience if your phone does need an extensive repair. In most cases, the service department will give you a loaner phone to use while yours is being replaced. If you paid to protect your bubble iPhone 5 coverage, they will give you the same exact phone if it is at all possible. They’ll even transfer your data over, so you can continue using the loaner smartphone as usual until you get your own phone back. All this, for less than $10 a month? The true question is whether you could actually come up with a reason not to get your smartphone insured.

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